We are Form, an awesome team,
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Lean, sustainable & repeatable business models for the arts.

You’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your work. It’s gone from something that only existed in your head to something that’s being covered by all the theater outlets. You do awesome work that your audience loves. Now you want to take it to the next level.

Growth is scary - we know. What if it doesn’t work out? What if your company winds up regressing? Can you afford to take a risk? There are so many uncertainties. We’re here to help you grow leanly and smartly.

Here's what we can do:
  • Work with you to map out where your company is, where you want it to go and how to grow in a sustainable and repeatable manner.
  • Decode why your audience is coming, what they value and what you need to measure to make sure you’re on the track to grow.

If your new initiatives fail they’ll fail quickly and cheaply. Our methodology provides you with the freedom to creatively experiment with your business model with minimal risk.

Our rates are scaled to ensure you can afford to grow. Let’s get together and build the theater companies of the 21st century.

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We are not just a team, we are family.

Anthony Francavilla


Anthony is dedicated to implementing cutting edge research and technology to scale theater companies.



Zach specializes in producing and venue management with a keen sense of how art and commerce meet.

About Form

Form was created to bring a scalable, repeatable and sustainable growth framework to the arts. We’ve taken a page from startups and are applying a framework that allows companies to test their business models and scale them in a low-risk and low-cost manner. Together we can build the theater companies of the 21st century.

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